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Airport drop off and pick up facility
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In Financial Year 2016-17 we served 1,25,884 - Outdoor Patients, 12,513 - Indoor Patients, 5,280 - Operation, 299-Knee Replacement, 88- Hip Replacement, 16,829 - Sonography, 31,156- X-Ray, 3,538-Dialysis, 9,567-Echo, 1,703 - TMT, 2,459 - Angiography, 871- Angioplasty, 221- Bypass & Valve Surgery, 3,631-CT Scan, 5,185-MRI, 488-Delivery, 2,164-Full Body Check Up, 392- Colour Doppler, 30,398- Dental Units


YASHFEEN’S true quality is its HUMANITY.

It is calm, clean, well equipped and efficient but its true quality is its Humanity.
Exemplified by the Hospital’s FOUNDER, DONOR and SUPPORTERS.
            I was moved and inspired.

s.bell@coventry.ac.uk COVENTRY (UK)

It was very good hospital an proper care was taken. Medical staff was very friendly.
Mr. Mukesh Patel
ayaz.zweb@gmail.com Ankleshwar
The Basement of the organization
Of course, if a large number of people are being gained or benefited by the organization, so there will be someone who is giving the service to the organization by their valuable services and money. How we can forget them in such a moment those who have spent their wealth for the helpless people of their regions and locality.
The result is before you that the service of wealth for the helpless and sufferings of those cast and creeds are coming from the darkness of disease towards the light of health, some helpless has got the new life. Some blind got the new eye sight and some new born babies’ mother has got the new opportunity to see their innocent sons and daughters, some new born babies felt the warm from their mother’s body and more and more. But By whom, it was possible? Like you ladies and gentlemen’s hearty love and affections.

How can you help?

The patients, who need treatment, but even if they need treatment but cannot open their mouth for help, please inform us about such type of patients to give us opportunity to help them near by you and your area. We maintain the high secrecy for the helpless and poor patients. For God greatness! You donate your ZAKAT, SADKA, KAFFARA etc. For this organization and be part and parcel of the noble hearted people of the Akhrat.

Both Donor and Acceptor are strangers even if the Trustees are known to them...

At this moment we are thankful to the great hearted donors who have sacrificed their precious principal and wealth for the helpless brothers and sisters. They have arranged the huge amount of wealth due to which the organization is rising very fast towards the path of progress. What a God’s greatness! The acceptors are unaware of kind and great hearted donors due to whom the all expenses of hospital are being endured. Even if the kind and great hearted donors are unaware about the patients who are recovering from the disease. The donors are helping with open and kind heart, and the acceptor patients are praying with great soul for the strange and secret donors lying on the sick cot. The Almighty is raining His mercy on the secret love, affection and kindness of both the kind and great hearted donors and poor acceptor patients.
Good Service, Best Quality
Less Expense is the Basic Principle:

You will be glad to know that the services of famous doctors and specialists of Navsari and Surat city are available on reasonable price. Day by day the organization is getting good help from the doctors. In other words we can say that the doctors’ role is uncountable in the progress of the organization. The organization thanks to all the doctors for this kind and unforgettable cooperation and co-ordination.

At the same time hospital management, office staffs, nurses, ambulance drivers, supervision staffs are on foot to help the patients round the clock, not even it but in other words the staff members are giving their time more than the duty hours making the rise of the progress of the organization.

At present there are 55 doctors and 200 others staff members who are always on alert for the service of the patient round the clock. The organization are taking care of the high salary and all the possible benefits for all the staff members so that they can provide their valuable services for the patients as much as possible such as cleanliness, good treatments, sweet behave and the donation of the patients and donors. This hospital is providing the unbelievable service through out the navsari districts.

The purposes of the organization are as follows without any differences between cast and creeds, colors, religions and languages

  • To help the poor and helpless with wealth, cloths, foods and education.
  • To produce the activity of brotherhood and companionship among all the religions.
  • To provide the shelter for homeless.
  • To provide the facilities to start the school, colleges, hospitals, medical and modern medical facilities.
  • To give the guide lines to the people about cleanliness, health, food, exercise etc.
Mufti Abbas Bismillah Sb.

Mohammed Vaid
M: +91 98241 01912
E-mail: mohammedvaid@ yashfeenhospital.in

Abdullah Vaid
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E-mail: abdullahvaid@ yashfeenhospital.in