Yashfeen  Hospital

Just 3 & half hours drive from Mumbai
Airport drop off and pick up facility
+91 2637 235725 / 235726 / 235727
+91 2637 235729
In Financial Year 2016-17 we served 1,25,884 - Outdoor Patients, 12,513 - Indoor Patients, 5,280 - Operation, 299-Knee Replacement, 88- Hip Replacement, 16,829 - Sonography, 31,156- X-Ray, 3,538-Dialysis, 9,567-Echo, 1,703 - TMT, 2,459 - Angiography, 871- Angioplasty, 221- Bypass & Valve Surgery, 3,631-CT Scan, 5,185-MRI, 488-Delivery, 2,164-Full Body Check Up, 392- Colour Doppler, 30,398- Dental Units


YASHFEEN’S true quality is its HUMANITY.

It is calm, clean, well equipped and efficient but its true quality is its Humanity.
Exemplified by the Hospital’s FOUNDER, DONOR and SUPPORTERS.
            I was moved and inspired.

s.bell@coventry.ac.uk COVENTRY (UK)

It was very good hospital an proper care was taken. Medical staff was very friendly.
Mr. Mukesh Patel
ayaz.zweb@gmail.com Ankleshwar
about usMillions of salaam to the such humanism those who are stepping up taking the some respected quality in the world…. Those who have offered the good services to the Almighty in the mortal world and make their ambitions to help and get the help done from others to the poor and helpless with their every efforts, the things like for themselves also like their brothers, such type of people are only and only the services of God, from whom services not only one person but also the whole family has been benefited.

There are also such family whose income is below average but they have given foods at least one or two time, at least stale has been provided if fresh is not available, Oh! Dear and My dear at least think about them who cannot manage the livings for two times how can they make money for such type of disease in which thousands of rupees needed for the treatment of parents, kin and kids. Think who will be the helper for them in the world.

Mufti Abbas Bismillah Sb.

Mohammed Vaid
M: +91 98241 01912
E-mail: mohammedvaid@ yashfeenhospital.in

Abdullah Vaid
M: +91 98241 01913
E-mail: abdullahvaid@ yashfeenhospital.in